“The Backbone of an Institution is its Faculty”,  says the Top CBSE School in Kota

Top CBSE school in Kota

What would be the first aspect as a parent you would want to have in your ward’s school? Of course, it’s faculty! 

Faculty is the Backbone of any institution! 

Because of the fact that the teachers hold the key to a brighter future, the teaching profession is on-going a big leap for a better tomorrow! 

There has been a paradigm shift in education over the last few decades. It demands a change from the  conventional methods of teaching to the one preparing the students for the most critical  exam called LIFE.

Emmanuel Mission School is the Top CBSE School in Kota that has the top-most faculties over the city and is known for the best techno-education.  

Education in A Techno-Savvy World 

Best Computer Lab in Kota

In the technical world, school education has become a complex subject. The school’s architectural designs are more inspired by the provision of learning spaces. EMS Kota CBSE School provides platforms for innovative and interactive learning environments.  The best part in EMS School is smart classrooms.

Education Institutes in a techno-savvy world have improved Curriculum designs. The success of this continuum will continue to be a huge challenge unless supported by the core force of ‘Quality Teachers.’

THE BACKBONE OF INSTITUTION IS ITS TEACHERS. The way the teachers play their role has a seminal influence on what the students acknowledge or learn.

Since immemorial time, the faculty’s role in effective learning is recognized. The Education Commission of India accepted the recognition of teachers’ efforts. It said: “No system can rise above the status of its teachers…” Preparing the children of today for tomorrow is a huge responsibility of our educators.

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Emmanuel Mission School appreciates its Faculty: No. 1 School in Kota

Best school in kota

The backbone of any academic organization is its faculties. Emmanuel School is the Top CBSE School in Kota taking pride to have an outstanding, dedicated, and hard-working constellation of experienced educators.

The diversified background from USA to India, a wealth of knowledge, and education industry translate into giving the students an impeccable edge of learning and growing techniques.

Emmanuel faculty induces interest in the subject among the students through many methods. They use online presentations, GD’s, interactive classroom discussions, debates, and such interactive methods. It also enhances the students’ understanding by providing high-tech animated notes with question/answers. It also improves the student’s communication and presentation skills. Moreover, it helps in building confidence, transforming them into lifelong learners.

School Games and Sports Activities!

Emmanuel Mission School, the Top CBSE School in Kota boasts of having some of the most experienced, talented, and dedicated faculty in Kota (Raj). Many of them had started their career in this institute, and now it’s been more than 25 years of their service in our finest institution.

The faculties here are highly-academic qualified and have acquired computer skills. They serve high standards of moral and ethical values. They are ideal role models for the young students and act as mentors to the younger generation.

A big thanks to our faculties for the “Finnish Miracle” they have created in Emmanuel Mission School, the Top CBSE School in Kota.  They have attracted thousands of students from the entire country.


– Ms Pratiksha Purswani             

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