Technology Entwined in Educational Growth: Top CBSE School in Kota

Top CBSE School in Kota

“Technology Entwining Education Enhances Growth. Gone Are The Days Of Absolute Rudimentary Education”, Says the Top CBSE School in Kota.

Schools in the current era are swaying in the cradle of technology. They swing from Animated virtual notes to game-based learnings or slideshows. Emmanuel Mission School the Top CBSE School in Kota believes in High-Tech Teaching.

Technology is Everywhere–Entwined in almost every part of our daily life or culture. Whether it is to make a video call to a friend or send an official message via mail. Teaching and learning technology has become an important Component For Survival. Thus, educational patterns cannot be kept at a distance.

However, Covid-19 has been a curse to the globe. Nevertheless its flip side of the technology boom cannot be ignored. From No School, No Classes To Online Classes And Regular Imparting Of Education. It made every sector dependent on technology. No student has remained untouched from technical upgrading at Emmanuel Mission School, the No. 1 School in Kota. Technology has brought a huge difference in the education system. It has become one commendable revolution in the world.

For example, meetings across the globe, work from home, international webinars, online inaugurations, are a few to count on. Hence Necessity Is The Mother Of Inventions.

Teachers have enhanced their teaching methodology beyond traditional text-based learning. Students have also adopted Techno-practical Ways Of Learning with joy. 

Covid-19 gave a big opportunity to students and teachers to grow technically. At any Kota CBSE School, it is clearly apparent.

One major factor for successful technology integration is embracing change willingly. Technology is continuously, and rapidly, evolving.


Do you know what? Emmanuel Mission School is the Top CBSE School in Kota.

The school has made Technology Integration successful by using the technology in many ways:

  • Routined and transparent studies
  • Effective Studies from home
  • Animated Notes/Videos and Practice Questions
  • Direct contact with teachers via high-techno interface applications
  • Online GD’s, PPT presentations, classroom activities, etc.
  • Building technical skills and confidence in students
  • Accessible and readily available material for the task at hand
  • Online periodic tests and regular exams
  • Supporting the curricular goals, and helping the students to effectively reach their goals in exciting ways


Keeping Pace With EdTech: The Top Educational Technology Trends

Learning can be done anywhere and at any time. Now, physical presence in classrooms is not mandatory. Students can enjoy online learning from their comfort places. Moreover, due to technological advancements learning isn’t limited to educational settings.

Teachers are embracing new tech-skills these days. They are implementing the new learning approaches thus keeping pace with edTech. Educational Technology trends have helped students in various ways such as:

– Problem-Based Learning

Facts-based learnings have transformed into problem-based or assessment based learning. Teaching practices are heading towards competency development.

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– Student-Created Content

Now school education is becoming more technical. It offers opportunities for students to create their own content. They can share it within the classroom. 


– Collaborative/Collective Learning 

All thanks to technology now, we can take learning everywhere. Even while sitting at home, students can attend their school classes. Studies from home are possible via innovative applications like Skype and FaceTime, Google-Meets. Even national or international communication is possible.

Top CBSE school in kota



– Competency-Based Education

Another benefit edTech offers is Competency-Based Education. This latest approach aims at effective learning, rather than time-based learning. Students of each class study together on the same platform and learn all-together. This also develops the instinct of healthy competition among students. 

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– Active Learning

Also known as Hands-On-Learning – that means students learn from their experiences. By trying out different learning methods, supporting each other’s ideas, students learn and grow actively.  Most importantly, active learning allows space to think and act for themselves.

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– Blended Learning

Do you know what blended learning is? It refers to a combination of online digital media and traditional classroom methods. Blended Learning is a very smart method of teaching, mostly liked by students at Emmanuel mission school, Top CBSE School in Kota

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The benefits that Technical Education offers are plentiful. This includes innovation in learning, easy content, and animated subject notes/ video lectures. It also provides updated study resources, understanding, and increased access to modified information.

Since Technology Entwined Education, students are making a lot of progress in school. Information and communication technology has become a necessity in their life. EdTech is playing a very vital role in students and teachers active growth. It is being embraced by the top CBSE school in Kota. Now technology has become an inseparable part of students’ lives.  students grow educationally.

“Technology can never replace traditional Educational Approaches. It supports various high-tech approaches and has become a part of modern teaching”.

  • Ms Pratiksha Puruswani (Blogger)