“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”

One can achieve anything in life by being active mentally and physically. Sports help a child to be an achiever and the training starts right from the school. We at Emmanuel Mission School do emphasize and motivate children to walk towards perfection and thus they are trained by our professional coaches. Students learn several values from varied sports.

Games conducted in school:-

1. Basketball

A non-contact sport played on a rectangular court is one of the best sports practiced in Emmanuel Mission School. Coaches of our school  train students for high level basketball competitions and we have won many trophies so far with rigorous efforts. With embedded discipline in players, our school aims to win state and national tournaments.

2. Volleyball

“No Serve, No Game.” Volleyball is a team sport played under the professional guidance of coaches at Emmanuel Mission School. Pupils are trained to work in a team and play with complete dedication. They learn stress management and even eye-hand coordination through this sport. Volleyball lessons at our school are built with science and delivered with passion.

3. Badminton

A game of ethics which reflects true sportsmanship, Badminton is one of the nation’s top listed sports which is played by millions of people every month. Emmanuel Mission School has the best Badminton coaches who carry forward the spirit of this royal sport to the students. Players at Emmanuel Mission School are trained to play this fun game with dedication, commitment and respect.

4. Handball

A sport originated from countries like Scandinavia  and Germany, Handball has become a world-wide sport. Handball is one such team sport in which 7 players of two teams pass a ball and aim for the goal. An exciting sport played well in Emmanuel Mission School under the guidance of a skilled coach. Crude players of our school furnish themselves with improvised reflexes and quick decision making while playing this sport.

5. Cricket

One of the most played and watched sports, Cricket is also called the first love sport of India. Cricket, a team sport, gives an opportunity to students to learn many skills like sportsmanship, teamship, aiming, and developing lifelong love for sports and physical activities. While playing Cricket under the coach’s guidance, pupils at school experience being resilient and consistent.

6. Kho-Kho

A traditional Indian Sport, dated back to ancient Indian, is played by two teams of 12 nominated players out of fifteen. Pupils at Emmanuel Mission School try to professionalise themselves with correct and proper guidance of their coach in Kho Kho Sport. This sport helps to strengthen immunity and improvise mental, physical and team skills of children.

7. Kabaddi

A game of strategy and strength, Kabaddi is a contact sport of India known over the world. Players of Emmanuel under guidance of their coach play safe,  dodging injuries at maximum. Traditional Kabaddi Sport is played in a circle on a wide circular field outdoors. Radar of a game is on a single player on offense. A strength building sport, Kabaddi is one of the popular sports at Emmanuel Mission School. 

8. Judo

A modern Japanese martial art, Judo is practiced in the best CBSE school in Kota. The objective of this sport is to master the opponent. Training with safety equipment, being disciplined and respecting the game makes a player perfect. A strict workout schedule is fixed for the Judo aspirants at our school. Professional coaches at Emmanuel Mission School aim for perfection for their students. 

9. Table Tennis

Fabulous and enjoyable indoor sport, Table Tennis is practiced by our students with full efficiency and determination. It is also known as “Ping-Pong” and “Whiff-Whaff”. Alternate hitting in double rally is the favorite part of this sport for our students. Headed by a professional skilled coach, Table Tennis, a fun and frolic activity is practised in the Games Zone of our school. 

10. Athletic Events

Emmanuel’s Athletic Events are fully inclusive, which cover a collection of sport activities such as running, jumping etc. All-year round, students wait for this event to showcase their talent by playing indoor games as provided in the school campus. Students of all classes participate in the school’s Athletic Events. Major athletic events organised are:-

  1. 100m race
  2. 400m race
  3. Relay race
  4. Cross-country race

Sports Achievements 

  1. National winner in Basketball CBSE cluster
  2. State winner in T.T, Judo, Handball.
  3. District winner in Badminton.

Passion of students to be a sportsperson makes them an athlete. Engaging them into academics and sports brings out positive, motivated and fit players. Players feel proud when they play for school. Our sports team participates in various intra-school and inter-school competitions. ‘Never give up’ is their motto. Emmanuel Mission School always aims for excellence and perfection.