“I had found my religion: nothing seemed more important to me than a book. I saw the library as a temple.”

Emmanuel Mission School has a well-equipped library where books and sources of information are stored to encourage students in making full use of knowledge. Library makes it easy for students to get access to extended knowledge and information, keep themselves acquainted with the world, stimulate students’ minds and develop influential skills and read as per their own interests. 

Emmanuel’s Library is very accommodating and helpful. It includes books, newspapers, manuscripts, magazines, Picture albums, and more. Our library is well-furnished with fully air-conditioned facilities. In other words, it is an all-encompassing source of Information.

Computer Lab

Technology plays a major role in twenty-first century education. The new model of integrating technology into the curriculum means that computers are on demand throughout the school day. Technology, teachers, and administrators face the task of developing a technology plan that makes the most effective and efficient use of the computer hardware available to them. Whether using desktops or laptops, Macs or PCs, the computer lab remains the center for most computing activity in school. Emmanuel Mission School, the No.1 school in Kota has well designed and separate computer labs for Junior wing (Classes 1 to 5) and Seniors wing (Classes 6 to 12), run by a well-educated and qualified faculty, with one-on-one access, which means there is one computer for each child. Pre – primary kids learn words through PowerPoint presentations and innovative software.

  • 40 Computers in each Lab (Intel i-3 2.3Ghz Processor, 250 GB HDD, 4 GB RAM) 
  • Both the Labs, equipped with Projector & PA Systems. 
  • The senior wing is “U” shaped and the junior wing is square shaped configuration which allows the teacher to monitor student activity. 
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity of 20 Mbps to access vast intellectual resources.

These facilities are an integral part of the curriculum. Students are expected to use computers in their day-to-day study in order to meet the challenges of modern learning and to keep pace with global scenarios. Students are provided training on Python, VB , SQL, Photoshop CS, Q-BASIC, Scratch, MS Office-2013, Internet & Networking.   


“The important thing is not to stop questioning curiosity has its own reason for existing”

Children have a knack for exploring and experimenting and our lab provides the space for creating these experimental science.  Our school lab gives an insight into the world of science where a better demonstration of concepts & laws both qualitative and quantitative are experienced by children.  Students learn how to identify objects, facts, process data & carry out experiments that lead to concrete conclusions.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Laboratory provides a platform for students to bring out the little scientist within them. The laboratory of Emmanuel School is furnished with virtual-real life learning experience.  The lab is provided with an electronic weighing machine, bunsen burner, beakers, and flasks. The students are provided with a separate workstation with individual burners, chemical reagents, lockers, cupboards. The corrosive reagents like acids, liquid bromine capsules, and sodium are stored in locked cupboards. Reagents like phenol, amines are allowed to be handled under guidance of the teachers only.  Emmanuel has a world class lab and theory of each practical is explained in detail and practicals are demonstrated which makes students skilled. The apparatus include mortar and pestle, watch burette, pipettes, filter funnels, conical flasks, volumetric flask, winchester bottle, flat bottom flask.  Safety of students is our first concern. Our laboratory is provided with fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipment, and first aid kits. 

Biology Lab

Biology Laboratory is extensively designed to meet the demands of the advancement in science.  The laboratory apparatus contains light microscope permanent slides (range from simple sides to complex cellular structure one). The laboratory also contains the human skull, human skeleton, model of digestive and respiratory system. Specimen for demonstration and various charts as well.  The laboratory apparatus ranges from a test-tube, petri dishes, beakers, flasks, and a compound microscope of varying power to observe the slides clearly.  The well qualified teachers and lab assistant is another asset for the lab. The teachers pay close attention to detail and help students to conduct practical’s. 

Physics Lab

Physics Laboratories provide facilities where scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurements are performed.  In our lab, we have multiple apparatus that can be used to measure dimensions of objects, viscosity, pressure, frequency, resistance, voltage, etc.  It is ensured in our school that learners comprehend theoretical concepts by practicing experiments themselves. Every year the latest instruments are purchased for the laboratories. The practical’s are designed according to the latest syllabus.  The lab helps students to develop experimental and analytical skills through direct observations and activities. 

“The true laboratory is the mind, where behind illusions we uncover the laws of truth.”

Playgrounds (Indoor / Outdoor)

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, mental, and emotional strength. Emmanuel school provides a platform for children to develop these skills and also caters to the socio-emotional needs of the children.  Our school playgrounds are an evidence that the school seeks to promote children’s physical activity for sustained health outcomes. We provide accessible physical activity opportunities for all the children. As a good playground allows the students to practice and hone certain key skills

Benefits of having wide, spacious, well-equipped Emmanuel’s playground are as follows: 
  • We encourage outdoor playing  and group activities.
  • We help in boosting the physical health of the children.
  • We inspire students to develop their social skills. 
  • We promote creativity among students.
  • We encourage students to boost self-confidence, coordination and also bring out latent talents. 
  • We invigorate students in developing their mental health.

Children playing and enjoying at the Emmanuel Mission School Playgrounds eventually helps children become effective learners and leaders.   By creating an environment where children can experience unstructured play, we’re not only supporting their physical health but also increasing their chances to succeed in the classroom. The reason is simple-  “Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” – O. Fred Donaldson Kids pay more attention to academic tasks when they are given frequent, brief opportunities for free play.

Fully Air Conditioned Classrooms

All classrooms in Emmanuel Mission School are fully air-conditioned to provide a cosy ambience for students for quintessential learning. Moreover, well-furnished digital infrastructure in CBSE schools adds quality to the classroom. In extreme summers, students stay fresh, active, and enthusiastic. Hot and humid climate disrupts students’ concentration. In the air- conditioned classrooms, students will be able to concentrate much better in a cool and comfortable environment. Air conditioning system in schools is a dedicated investment that will ensure the education process isn’t affected by the weather.

Medical Facilities

Emmanuel Mission School, Kota takes the issue of the well-being of students on priority. The school has medically trained staff on campus to take care of the students whenever need arises. Medical Camp is organized every year where school students undergo full-body medical checkup by physicians and other specialists. It includes general physique, vision, hearing tests, and dental checkups. 

First AID

First Aid is provided to all students for minor injuries that happen within the school.  Medical Room Emmanuel Mission School (affiliated to CBSE) has a well-maintained medical room to accommodate the students falling ill during school hours. The school’s medical room is a well-furnished space with essential equipment. The room is cleaned regularly with antibacterial cleansers. The staff ensure that bed covers are changed regularly and are sterilized.


Emmanuel Mission School has well-equipped canteen facilities for students to buy nutritious and healthy food at decent prices during the recess hours. All meals are cooked on the premises and quality checks are done by the senior staff to avoid any discomfort. As children of working parents find it difficult to get regular breakfast from home, Emmanuel School’s canteen serves the top-quality food, refreshments, and fruits to the students.  Features of Canteen

  • Hygienic & Well-equipped with proper Ventilation
  • Furnished Space for students to have breakfast
  • Chillers & Freezer Facilities

 Facilities Provided

  • RO, UV Water Purifier with Water Cooler
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Fire Extinguishers

Types of Food Available

  • All types of Snacks 
  • Juices & Beverages
  • Chaat Centre
  • Fruits

 Timing of Canteen

  • 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Music Room

Emmanuel Mission School has a customized Music Room with a platform for orchestra and choir rehearsals. The Music Room is equipped with a professional whiteboard, sound system, and internet access for direct streaming of music and music videos. A master computer with upgraded music software for music notation, sequencing, and composition is installed in the school’s music room. Our students have access to a wide variety of music instruments such as piano, guitar, keyboard, professional drum set (including bass drums and snare drums). Highly qualified music teachers assist students in playing various music instruments.



Aerobic Room

Indoor Badminton Court

Outdoor Handball Court