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“If You are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate yourself

academic of the best cbse school kota

Academic is used to describe things that relate to the work done in schools, colleges, and universities, especially work which involves studying and reasoning rather than practical or technical skills.

Academic activities include any programs or activities that have a strictly academic focus. These include college courses, school clubs, competitions or contests.


Academics Related Activities (Co-Curricular Activities)

Academics of Academic Related Activities (Co-Curricular Activities)
Academics of Academic Related Activities (Co-Curricular Activities)
  • Book clubs
  • School magazine
  • Poetry Recitation
  • Story writing
  • Debates
  • Sports
  • Exhibition

Academic The students of the future will demand the learning support that is appropriate for their situation or context. Nothing more, nothing less.


Academics Awards for Excellence

Academics of Awards for Excellence
Academics of Awards for Excellence

Who is appreciated will always do more than what is expected. Appreciating and Rewarding is a great approach to celebrate hard work and success especially in a student’s school life.

We at Emmanuel believe that awards and accolades are pivotal in a student’s life. Like punishing and correcting a student’s fault, recognizing a student’s success is also necessary.

So, each year we hold a prize ceremony with a plethora of awards recognizing our students’ skill, excellence, hard work and regularity.

We give away awards to the students with 100% attendance record throughout the session to promote regularity and consistency among the students.

Students are recognized and rewarded for scoring the highest marks in their respective classes.

Apart from these, students keep receiving appreciation in form of certificates and trophies for different competitions/events held at school.

Emmanuel school takes pride in rewarding its students for their hard work and achievement. Even during pandemics when the activities were held online students were appreciated in form of digital certificates and exposure to social media.


Rationalized Syllabus as per the Need of the Hour

Academics of Rationalized Syllabus as per the Need of the Hour
Academics of Rationalized Syllabus as per the Need of the Hour

As Covid-19 pandemic affected instructional hours, schools have been shut and classes held digitally. Many students were not able to attend even these classes due to lack of resources and connectivity issues. So, the school management took the initiative to reduce the syllabus to 30% by deleting many topics and chapters.

Moreover the pattern of evaluating the students was also quite innovative. Their knowledge of different subjects was tested through test mod.

This rationalized syllabus is very efficiently covered in time by dedicated teachers through online classes.

Notes for each chapter are sent regularly in PDF form on all class WhatsApp groups.

Notes/question answers duly get checked by subject heads before being posted on groups.


Evaluation/ Examination

Academics of Evaluation/ Examination
Academics of Evaluation/ Examination

Examination department at Emmanuel is headed by senior-most and very competent faculty members.

During the pending work scenario, exams were conducted only digitally keeping the student’s safety on the topmost priority.

Chapter-wise/periodic tests conducted through testmoz wherein students could see their scores just after submitting it. The question paper pattern was based on objective type mostly MCQs.

Only MCQs cannot evaluate a growing child’s understanding of the subject. So senior classes 6th to 10th students were evaluated through PDFs sent by the students within the given time after the question paper was uploaded in WhatsApp groups of the classes.


Subject Heads /HOD

Emmanuel is known for excellence, so just to avoid any mediocrity regarding the subject matter, subject heads or HOD have been deputed.

All notes are duly checked by the subject-heads before being forwarded to the students.

Subject heads take pains in holding short meetings with the subject teachers to discuss any problem in executing the planning.

Subject heads give a written report to the Vice-Principal at the end of each month wherein they write their views about the completion of syllabus, online videos quality, and their uploading on the school website.


  • By Ms. Disha Shukla