The school offers high quality education in a welcoming and supportive environment, reflecting our core values. The curriculum is challenging, stimulating, designed specially to meet with the demands of the present times. The curriculum of the school is as per the guidelines of the Board that recognizes wide range of outstanding educational, sports and cultural experiences.The students are aided and encouraged to achieve to their fullest potential academically and in their chosen area of interest.

Mentors of any institution play an important role in enhancing the potential of each student. We at Emmanuel believe everyone is talented but to nurture and master these talents proper guidance is needed in order to stand different and outstanding from others.
The highly dedicated and talented staff at Emmanuel is fully trained to equip the children to become self reliant and productive individuals with clear perceptions to cater to the needs of the society.
Our teachers provide nurturing environment where the welfare of the students is paramount. The staff is passionate about providing a diverse range of learning experiences for all children.

The staff understands that it is the basic necessity to grow mentally, physically and spiritually but through learning only mankind achieved its heights.They Educate the students to meet with the challenges that life has to offer and they themselves are not only a reservoir of knowledge but also an example of quality relationships, responsible behaviour and respect for all members of the school and community.