Little Champs: Let’s Explore, Exhibit, & Excel

Little Champs

The motto of the Little Champs, Emmanuel Mission School, Talwandi, Kota, is to provide an ambiance and atmosphere appropriate to the young kids and an individualistic approach. As the best play school in Kota, Little Champs has brought in a new perspective to Kindergarten Teaching. Our main ethos is to provide the highest quality of learning through play in a safe & loving environment based on our fundamentals of 3Es…. Explore, Exhibit, & Excel.  Little Champs promotes learning programs primarily through music, art, drama, dance, field trips, Indoor and outdoor activities, and adventure.



Academics of little Champs

When we talk about academics at Little Champs you will come to know that we teach in a very loving, caring, and creative way making each and every child feel comfortable. Students and parents call Little Champs a home away from home because every child is given special care and attention. Here the syllabus is divided wisely catering to the needs of the toddlers. 

Now when we talk about the evaluations, we have three evaluations in a year. First evaluation in the month of July. Second in the month of September and third and final evaluation in the month of February. Fifteen days before every evaluation a thorough revision is given in all subjects. We also send three-holiday assignments (worksheets) for each subject.

First assignment in the Summer Break – Of the syllabus completed in April, May and June. 

Second assignment in the Diwali Break – Of the syllabus completed in October and November. 

Third assignment in December in the Winter Break – Of the syllabus completed after the Diwali Break.

In online and offline classes, we have regular interaction with the students where each child is free to ask their doubts. The class is made very interesting and lively using different methods of discussing the topics taught .Students  love to revise the topic as the teachers take pains to use innovative methods like quiz, fun with numbers , fun with alphabet,  fun with shapes, color based games.


Co-Curricular Activities

Little Champs

Have been a part and parcel of academic life. At Little Champs, we provide toddlers a lot of interesting and important experiences outside the traditional classroom. The motive is to allow students to explore strengths and talents. Giving students the opportunity to build friendships and participate in group activities like dance, music, fancy dress competition, painting, sketching, poetry recitation, picnic and sports. 

Students get to learn by cultural events including national days and religious festivals from different faiths including Gandhi Jayanti, Independence day, Republic day as well as Diwali, Christmas and many more  cultural events. These activities help students to develop confidence, healthier, social, cognitive and emotional skills.


Smart Classrooms “Easy to teach quick to learn”

We at Little Champs offer blended teaching i.e. traditional and smart. Smart learning education system attempts at developing quick learning skills where teachers participate with students via learning tools and techniques from computer monitor to smartboard. The use of these gadgets make it easier for teachers to make students understand topics in a simple way by using visual references and colours helping build interest level of students in the subjects.

We at Little Champs believe: 

1. Every child is unique.

2. Every child has infinite potential.

3. Every child is born with an innate desire to learn.

4. Every child learns best through observation.

5. Every child learns and constructs his own knowledge in multiple ways.


 Deepika Singh                     

In-charge Little Champs