Honesty, Loyalty and Reliability.
Respect for All.
Self discipline, commitment and responsibility for one’s own actions.
Punctuality and good attendance.
Sincerity, Integrity and Team Work.
Courteous behavior and Smart appearances.
Respect and care for the environment in which we live and work.
God fearing, humble and compassionate.


We believe that every person is created by God and has an inherent personal worth. Our goal is to impart wisdom through quality education, high moral values and identify and develop the unique talents of each individual by providing an open and positive learning environment. We help each student realize his maximum potential. We in them the desire to impact the World for good by reaching out to others in love and service.


To create an environment where teaching and learning is fun and valued, and where growth and accomplishments are encouraged and celebrated.
To create an environment where students achieve their potential through academic, social experiences, cultural experiences and sports.
To help students to develop lively, enquiring minds and to acquire knowledge that will equip them for lifelong learning.
To encourage students to understand spiritual and moral values and present them with new challenges which would help them to develop confidence and self reliance.
To give awareness of the World in which we live and appreciation of the interdependence of people and Nations.

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