We at Emmanuel school accept each student as a sacred trust from God. We seek to build up the total personality of the child by providing an all-round education. We train our students to be environmental friendly, problem solvers, achievers, users of technology effective communicators and lifelong learners in a rapidly changing global community.

Our students are trained by mentors to think rationally, scientifically, spiritually, creatively and positively. We also instill in our students our great culture and heritage. We encourage our students to have the big picture and then learn to focus. We coach our students to use their God given skills. We want each student to have a mind to think beyond conventions, to have the courage to act on those convictions.

Our goals and priorities for our students are well set and very clear in our minds. Faculty or the staff of any institution plays an important role in enhancing and carving the potentials of each student. A group of dedicated team at Emmanuel is working day and night towards its goals.


Emmanuel Mission Schools, thrives to inculcate a strong secular ethos with a sense of integrity, ethics and democratic values. Leadership with a sense of teamwork and sportsmanship is stimulated within the students.


We at Emmanuel Mission Schools encourage each student to excel with/in their God given talents. Emmanuel school is a community of students where atmosphere of love, mutual concern, and respect for persons prevails.

We create opportunities for our students to stretch their limits to reach their goal with passion, persistence and become a leader.

We believe that there is always a humble beginning of any great matter, but to finish it well only yields the true glory.

We instil in our students the importance of individual talents and how to make best use of their time, also the importance of teamwork which enables them to win championships. Every student of Emmanuel is a champion in his/her own field.

Come and be a Champion!