Role of ‘Individual Attention’ 

Individual Attention of Every Student

Role of ‘Individual Attention’  This title might sound very conflicting because, for ages, this practice has scarcely been followed, be it during Gurukul Times or any other time of imparting education because of its very deep and detailed observation. But World has always witnessed ‘Exceptional cases’. Let us go back and focus on the learning of the Pandavas. Five Pandavas, all Supreme Masters in their Warfare Technique and in the use of their weapons. To date they are examples and will continue as long as humanity will be on this planet, not to forget their Guru Dronacharya, he could have trained all in one art, but he realized the potential of all in different spheres and hence tutored them accordingly.


 we observe the innate talents and then our Expertise take over

Today we at Emmanuel are on the same footing, trying to recreate the same examples with our young bundle of overflowing energies i.e the children. We give them ample opportunities like Sports, NCC, Dramatics, various talent hunt competitions, Music classes to name a few, then gradually and steadily we observe the innate talents and then our Expertise take over, they prune them, guide them, protect them from the weeds i.e distractions, so that slowly and gradually they participate and win, they become more devoted and sincere. Every step takes them closer to Perfection

Providing Multiple Sports and Games

Role of ‘Individual Attention’  Even in Academics, we at Emmanuel have developed a very varied system of Imparting Education. First, we introduce a topic and observe the reaction of the children, because we have two teachers in a class, we gradually observe the Body language and Inertia of the child, and accordingly, we handle them. Not to forget Einstein, ‘The Great Mathematician’ he was not interested in studying all the subjects in school, so he left the school to pursue his driving force.

emmanuel mission school

Today Emmanuel stands as An Oak Tree, with its numerous branches across the Globe, it is only possible with Remarkable and continuous contribution in the field of the overall development of the child. Moreover, Emmanuel  Talwandi has a very rich legacy, its old students are doing wonderfully well in many spheres of life.

To name a few…..Major Vibhor Joshi, Shellef George, and many more. 

Always remember each child has the potential to reach the sky, only what is needed is a proper mold (i.e) school, nurtured by experienced hands (teachers) and protected by discipline to be finally laden with fruits of Humanity, Goodness, and Humility. 

We Wish and Pray, Let our Efforts at Emmanuel continue to receive God’s Blessing.