Enter to Learn

The Little Champs Nursery School is all about the fun and importance of learning. It’s about experiencing the fullness of life: speaking a language, reading a story, exploring computers, music, drawing, pictures, adding numbers or playing.
What Little Champs learn is curiosity, compassion, confidence and courage… The virtues that last a life time.
Every child is a champion. Some children need hands on, or kinesthetic activities, others need verbal or linguistic guidance, still other children excel with logic.When children believe they are special, then good learning takes place. We give special attention towards the development of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of every child.
From the very beginning we instil in them that God has carefully and wonderfully made them. Therefore they need to love God, love people and become the pride of their parents and nation.At ‘Little Champs’ we mould our methods according to the needs of the child. Child’s welfare is our primary concern. Children at ‘little champs’ are made to feel happy & safe once they enter the campus in the folds of our trained and caring staff members. Each child is encouraged to make wise choices, have confidence, discipline and express their feelings. At ‘Little Champs’ every child is taught in a play-way manner to communicate, coordinate, cooperate, negotiate, respect the rights of others and thus build healthy social relationships. Through various fun methods, a child is made to realize many facts to overcome fear and imaginations & expose their inborn talents for easier grooming